Stenciling/Embossing Orange County

Any stencil design can be chosen. These really vary and can be done in many ways. If you can show me what you want it can be done. Embossing is the same as stenciling but it is built out with plaster. The first step is using a thicker stencil to build a 3 dimensional aspect to the stencil. It is then painted as normal. Leaving a raised stencil on the wall or cabinet

Stenciling/Embossing has come a long way since the 80′s. Miller Finishes has been design stencils to emboss plaster on the walls, make “faux “architectural components, and create murals. Prestige Faux Design also offers hand-painting. The following is a partial list of all the designing available with stenciling and hand-painting:Embossed stenciling of relief plaster designs,Damask and all-over “wallpaper” looks, Borders around doors, windows, chair rails, arched windows, Architectural elements like ceiling medallions, crown molding, chair rails, columns, carving, fences, lettered sayings in any language, murals and children’s rooms, accessories such as lampshades, wall hangings and pictures, window treatments, fabrics, table linens, furniture, framing mats, floor cloths, bedding, Custom stencil designing and cutting to match any design element and custom Modellos.

Miller Finishes is your high end, custom stenciling/embossing Orange County Contractor available for a consultation depending on his schedule. Call (949)295-6032 today! 

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