Miller Finishes

Specializing in all Wall, Furniture and Cabinet Finishes throughout the Orange County area. Custom high end finishes for both commercial, residential, interior and exterior properties.

Jeremy Miller’s work is currently being seen on Houzz.

When we started in the Interior, Exterior  finishing business, decorative painting business, faux finishing walls, distressed furniture, murals & custom cabinets, we were one of only  a handful of high-end finishing companies in the Orange County area. Now, 12+ years later, you have many choices in the finishing industry, but few with the quality of craftsmanship of high end finishing work that Miller Finishes delivers.

Miller Finishes only believes in giving you the best.  One of our goals is to stay on top of all trends in the high end finishing industry. We do all of this by evolving in all of our Wall, Furniture and Cabinet finishing crafts, belonging to several organizations, investigating and experimenting, and listening to our clients’ ideas.

We’re totally customer focused. We know that you may need assistance in determining your decor, so Jeremy Miller is proudly designed to completely customize the various finishing craftsmanship to your home or business needs. You will be amazed at the number of finishes we can provide for you. When you have decided how you want to beautify your interior or exterior with our skills, we will make samples especially for your project. This way you can envision the final effect.

We treat you and your project as if it were our own. And we have been known to throw in an extra service or two: letting out the family dog, taking the holiday pie out of the oven, cleaning the chandelier while we are up there. When we leave, your home will be clean, you will have instructions on all custom finishes after care, and you’ll be assured Miller Finishes is  available for touch ups and questions. After we have finished your project, all of us at Miller Finishes want you to feel that we have left as more than just “those finishers”, but as imaginative, friendly artists you can count on to help you through the entire project and into all of your future finishing projects.

Call Miller Finishes at (949)295-6032 for all of your  custom wall, furniture and cabinet Orange County finishes.

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